Our last ‘returner’ is now a much valued, permanent member of staff, so we know the value of what you do and would be happy to work with other returning teachers.  Mrs E Brown, Headteacher, Devon January 2020

Hi Kay! I’m so glad I decided to do Teach Again! I have started supply teaching with Hays agency now and will probably finish at Hillview School at half term. The 6 weeks there have given me huge confidence! Many thanks.
Catherine Smith

Teach Again Programme Participant,, Cheshire, February 2019

I’ve had a great couple of weeks at Preston Primary School and have settled in very quickly.  I’m receiving excellent support from all the staff, it’s a fantastic school and I’m really enjoying my placement there.  I’m already sure that primary teaching is what I want to do and am very grateful to Teach Again for giving me the opportunity to gain the experience and confidence to apply for a position soon.

I’m extremely impressed with Teach Again and would most certainly recommend you to anyone returning to teaching!

Antonia Littlewood

Teach Again Programme Participant, Dorset, January 2019

Many thanks for all of your help with my enrolment to the Teach Again programme. I am somewhat nervous about the whole thing after some 10 years out of the teaching profession, but also looking forward to the challenge! I look forward to working with you over the coming months.

James Robertson

Teach Again Programme Participant, Worcestershire, July 2018

Many thanks for all of your help with my enrolment to the Teach Again programme. I am somewhat nervous about the whole thing after some 10 years out of the teaching profession, but also looking forward to the challenge! I look forward to working with you over the coming months.

James Robertson

Teach Again Programme Participant, Worcestershire, July 2018

I completed my placement at Orchid Vale – I loved it all and the teacher was great and very accommodating! I’m doing some supply work now.

Jo Briggs-Mould

Teach Again Programme Completer, Swindon, June 2018

I have thoroughly enjoyed working at the school! They have offered me a temporary part time role which I have accepted. The placement has also meant that supply agencies are now offering me regular work. Thank you!
Bernadette Cook

Teach Again Programme Completer, Carlisle, June 2018

Teach Again were fantastic in supporting me throughout my placement in a Bradford school between September and December 2017. I chose the course to update myself on the changes in the Primary curriculum. The school staff were extremely supportive. I was able to contact a member of the Teach Again team whenever I needed help and support. The programme is extremely beneficial for any teacher wanting to return to teaching. I learned a great deal and I highly recommend it. Thank you! for all your support, for the time again on the placement and the certificate.
Shakila Azam

Teach Again Programme Completer, Bradford, February 2018

Enjoying being back in school and looking forward to the next chapter. I’ve already got more confidence applying for KS2 jobs which I would never have done before!
Amy Coglan

Teach Again Programme Participant, Southport, February 2018

It’s going well and I’m really enjoying it. I’m learning loads – it’s a great challenge so all good! The staff in the department have been absolutely lovely so far – really welcoming and encouraging. So it’s hard work, but that’s when you learn which is what I want to do!

Trudie Tough

Teach Again Programme Participant, North Wales, February 2018

Thanks for all the effort and support you have provided me with.  I have got myself back into the profession and really enjoy it – I definitely couldn’t have done so without your help. I’m sure lots of people will benefit from your support!
Naseem Akhtar

Teach Again Programme Completer, Bradford, November 2017

Week 3 and I am enjoying the experience and getting the support I need. I have done a Parents’ evening and gone with two Year 5 classes on a school trip to visit the Golden HInd. I have attended staff meetings and I now have a better understanding of how the school works in terms of planning, assessment and access to resources. The interactive screen was new to me but I have had a lesson on the basics! Thank you!

Mike Gerig

Teach Again Programme Participant, Devon, October 2017

I have been on an inset course today on the art of being brilliant ! It was excellent! Thank you

Elizabeth Underwood

Teach Again Programme Participant, Shropshire, September 2017

I approached Teach Again Ltd to see if they were able to support my aspiration to become a Science Technician. They placed me in one of their local schools with a really friendly and helpful team, who helped me gain the experience I needed to be able to apply for jobs. Now after just seven weeks I have successfully secured a permanent post as a Science Technician in another local school! I can’t wait to start my new career! Thank you so much Teach Again for your help and support – this programme really does work!


Science Technician, Yorkshire, 2017

I have had a wonderful 12 weeks and my class teacher has been very supportive throughout. This week I was offered a NQT position in a local primary school which I have accepted and I start my new job after half term! Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to update my teaching skills!

Bridget Christie

Teach Again Programme completer, Derbyshire, February 2017

Our Teach Again Programme participant took on more responsibility over her placement weeks. She worked with all the Y2 team and took on planning linked to all curriculum areas; planned with team members, shared her planning, worked alongside teaching assistants, communicated with parents, covered duties, took on clubs, assessed children’s work and taught a sequence of lessons in maths, English and Science. She has taken on all aspects of school life and has been an asset to have in the classroom.


Class Teacher, Derbyshire, February 2017

The experience has been incredible! It’s been wonderful to have Kay give me some hope after my absence from teaching for six years. I’m currently on the books of two agencies and I know I would not have been able to come this far without Kay’s’ help. A huge thank you to Teach Again!

Thelma Vessey

Teach Again Programme completer, Lincolnshire, February 2017

I can’t believe it’s the last week already – it has just gone so fast!The Teach Again programme has given me a real boost to my confidence and it has been great to be part of a team again. I was placed in a hugely supportive Teach Again school with positive and helpful staff who have given me countless opportunities. I have benefited greatly from staff training and the opportunity to get to grips with the changes that have taken place since I last taught. It’s been great to get back into the groove and sharpen my teaching skills in a safe, supportive environment. I would recommend Teach Again and say to anyone embarking on the Teach Again programme to grab the opportunity and make the most of your 12 weeks! I have really enjoyed being back in school and reminding myself why I loved this job in the first place!

Christianne provided an update upon programme completion in January 2017 ” I am supply teaching and so far I am booked as much as I want to be. I have a few local schools who keep asking me back so I must be doing something right! It’s nice to be getting paid now!”

Christianne Butler

Teach Again Programme participant, Gloucestershire, Dec 2016 / January 2017

I cannot thank Kay enough for facilitating the Teach Again programme to enable me get back into the profession. She is outstanding and exceptional with swift replies to all my queries and continues to provide an exemplar service. I commend the excellent personal level of attention to detail re individual requirements, and highly recommend the initiative.
Riji George-Varughese

Teach Again programme participant, Derby, November 2016

I am really looking forward to doing the course at my current school. I will be able to spend my time focusing on those areas which lack recent experience, rather than having to get to know a new school and its systems!
Bridget Christie

Teach Again programme participant, Derby, September 2016

I secured employment in my placement school and have been working there since Easter. Its been fantastic – I am so glad I did the programme as it’s really what I wanted to do and now I have a healthy income! I know I couldn’t have got a teaching job without the help of the programme and it’s certainly paid off as I recouped the programme fees in my first week of employment! I would recommend doing the programme to anyone as it worked for me and I think having done the programme in my placement school helped them decide to offer me the job. Thank you, Teach Again, thank you!

Teach Again programme completer, Yorkshire, August 2016

Mine was a particularly challenging situation. Twenty one years ago I qualified as a teacher with QTS but did not complete an NQT year. I had wanted to return to teaching for a number of years but had found it impossible to find a route back in to the profession. I needed experience within a supportive school, where I could become familiar with the changes in curriculum and teaching methods. Then I found Teach Again! Throughout my application Kay has been extremely supportive and encouraging. She has managed to place me in a local school with a very supportive Head teacher- a real achievement considering my situation. I would recommend the Teach Again programme without hesitation to anyone wanting to return to teaching. I will always be very grateful to Teach Again for enabling me to begin my return to teaching, something which at one point seemed an impossible task. Thank you Kay!
Natalie Daley

Teach Again programme participant, Kings Lynn, July 2016

It’s made a big difference explaining to supply agencies that I’ve been on the Teach Again programme. They liked the duration of the programme. Some have their own return to teaching programmes that are short (day or few days max) but that would not have been enough for me to be ready to take on employment as a teacher. You need time to get confidence back. I’m really so happy to be able to work as a teacher after this. I feel I’ve achieved more now than I did qualifying 8 years ago! I thought I would never go back.Thank you so much – the programme suited me perfectly.
Zaynab Samy

Teach Again programme completer, Grimsby, July 2016

Kathryn and Head Teacher Bernie Cassidy

Kathryn and Head Teacher Bernie Cassidy

Kathryn completed her Teach Again programme in June 2016 and has been offered employment at her placement school from September 2016.

Head Teacher Bernie said “It’s gone very well and we are really pleased.  I think it’s the fact that you are getting someone who has really thought returning to teaching through, and the recruitment process assured us that we were getting someone of the right caliber with the right qualities and potential. Kathryn has added capacity to our team at no explicit additional cost and it’s made it easy to recruit as with this you get to know the participant’s potential – this way you get a good overview of their capabilities and commitment. We would not have recruited a returning teacher without them having had some recent experience and this way is such a light process we can still evidence all her progress as it’s what we do anyway with all our staff. We are really pleased we have been able to offer Kathryn a 0.6 teaching post from September. We’ve enjoyed being part of the programme and will happily entertain the prospect of another candidate. It works well and fits with our ethos and our commitment to ongoing professional development. It’s an entirely viable means of teacher recruitment.” Kathryn added “I couldn’t have done this without the help of Teach Again. It was so easy handing everything over to Kay to sort for me and although it’s not been easy, I know I wouldn’t have been able to return to teaching without her help. I’m really happy that after ten years out and after only three months of refreshing, I have a job in September!”

Kathryn Heseltine

Teach Again Programme completer, Wirral, June 2016

Kay has made the daunting prospect of returning to teaching after 9 years feel like a breeze!! She has been extremely efficient in quickly securing a placement school and always on hand with advice and a listening ear. I can’t recommend the Teach Again Programme more highly. Worth every penny. Thank you Kay!
Kathryn Heseltine

Teach Again Programme participant, Wirral, February 2016

I have taught all year groups and been involved in assessing and marking children’s work, including assessing GCSE coursework. The experience has given me an opportunity to really see what working in a secondary school is like and to see how transferable primary teaching skills are to secondary schools. I feel much more able to approach a secondary situation now and would be confident in applying for jobs knowing that my skills are transferable.

All in all the process has been very enjoyable and informative and staff have been very supportive and encouraging. I’m glad that I have this opportunity to at least test the waters! Thank you once again for organising this placement for me.

Abi Jonas

Teach Again Programme completer, Hampshire, March 2016

Kay has been extremely helpful. The documents and information she has provided have been excellent and she has always kept in touch, offering support, encouragement and guidance, and responding to my requests for information. The commitment that she shows in the pursuit of providing opportunities to returning teachers is highly commendable and I am looking forward to returning to a career I love! Thank you.


Teach Again Programme participant, Yorkshire 2016

Thank you Kay for being so efficient and accommodating throughout this process. I am very excited at the prospect of starting on a not so new career path! Thank you!
Abi Jonas

Teach Again Programme participant, Hampshire, December 2015

My placement has finished after the 3 months and it went very well!  I am now employed by a school in Walton on a permanent, full time contract. This job has already started which is great and I’m very happy.

Marion Deacon

Teach Again Programme Completer, London, July 2019

Many thanks for your help and your Teach Again course. I got a temporary part-time job at Ladysmith as a result of the course! Thank you – it got me back into teaching and I am now happily working.

Joey Lee

Teach Again Programme Completer, Exeter, July 2018

This is very exciting. I can’t wait to start this programme. It all sounds great! Thank you very much for having created this supporting company…I was about to give up…even though I know I am a teacher at heart, I belong in education…
Desirée Torregosa

Teach Again Programme Applicant, Epsom, July 2018

I completed my course and am just doing extra voluntary work till Friday 8th July 2018. Thank you for an amazing opportunity in such a lovely school!
Zenat member

Teach Again Programme completer, Bolton, May 2018

Dear Kay,
Good news! St. David’s have offered me a 0.4 permanent contract, beginning in September. Thanks so much for brokering the connection – it’s been an excellent experience and I definitely feel more equipped for work. It was a joy to ‘just’ teach and I enjoyed the challenge of teaching a range of students. I’m looking forward to seeing them again in September.
Many thanks again,
Trudie Tough
Trudie Tough

Teach Again Programme completer, Wales, May 2018

Having been a stay-at-home-mum for 8 years soon after achieving QTS, there is no way I could have applied for a teaching job. I felt totally out of the loop, unskilled and had lost my classroom confidence to boot. I was looking at Teaching Assistant jobs but being a qualified teacher I felt a sense of disappointment with this.  I felt I had committed career suicide, and as much as I valued the precious time I spent with my children, it came with a cost.  I had accepted that I would never teach again. But then I found an ad for “Teach Again” which offered a way back in!  Supported classroom experience and opportunities to get up to date, to be re-assessed as meeting the Teachers’ Standards and the guarantee of that all-important reference: “Teach Again” was just what I needed and for me was nothing short of life-changing. Without it, I would have accepted unqualified support roles, instead of aiming for the teaching job I really wanted. It has been a great coming back to work after a long break!

Anne Povey

Teach Again Programme completer, Wiltshire, March 2018

Thank you so much for arranging my placement, its been so beneficial in updating my skills and giving me experience of current school practices in the Foundation Stage.  I’m enjoying doing my placement and I’ve met some lovely staff and children there, and learned such a lot from them; it’s such a welcoming place.  I feel more confident.  Thank you again for all your help, and for the offer of help with job applications, which will be my next step!  Thanks Kay – and Vicky too.

Cathy Kerr

Teach Again Programme participant, Southport, February 2018

I am really enjoying my time on placement and very quickly being back in the school environment has helped me make the decision that I definitely want to go back into teaching, most likely on a full time basis!
 Most of my time so far has been class based, which has been a great experience. I have worked with groups, individual children and have taught a couple of whole class lessons. I am in the process of completing an English display, have helped on the Year 2 visit to Cadbury World and will be going with Year 1 to Packington Farm next week! I am also gathering evidence to go alongside the Teacher Standards to show that I am meeting these. Everyone is being really helpful. Many thanks!
Ruth Ross

Teach Again Programme participant, Staffordshire, October 2017

We are more than happy to support another Teach Again applicant! We see how they grow in confidence and ability and in times of recruitment challenge, which we are in, it’s wonderful that we get a skilled professional to join our team for 12 weeks – we learn as much from them as they do from us!
Helen Metcalf

Head Teacher, Bracken Hill Primary School, September 2017

This week I went for an interview in another college and I got the job!  I am sure that being on the current teaching placement with Teach Again was instrumental in me securing this post. I am thrilled that I have been able to secure a post within six weeks of starting the placement! Thank you (Sheree and Kay) for all your help in setting up and assisting me in securing the placement to allow me to return to teaching!
Lucille Toumi

Teach Again programme completer, Durham, July 2017

I enjoyed teaching the children very much. On the last day at home time, I was told to come back with my group of seven children 10 minutes early to the main class. As we entered, the whole class burst into a massive loud applause! I felt a little embarrassed but was really pleased that I was appreciated!
I got a bunch of flowers from one of the boys, and from one of the girls, a box of chocolates. Thanks once again to both of you, Kay and Helen
Soundra Hering

Teach Again programme completer, London, April 2017

I joined the programme in October 2016 as I wanted to go back to teaching following a 9 year break. My aim was to teach part time, in combination with my other job. I was looking for a sound return to teaching course and discovered Teach Again. The registration was straightforward, and very quickly, I was contacted by Kay and by my coordinator, and a good school was found for me in my area. The programme went very smoothly and was tailored to my needs. I have just completed the programme and received a completion certificate. I have now registered with two supply agencies and am ready to start teaching again. I am very grateful for this new opportunity, thanks to Kay and the “Teach Again” Team!
Nathalie Riga

Teach Again programme completer, London, January 2017

Thank you for the support you have given. I look forward to starting in February at SMSJ school! I also want to say you have a very good team, Helen is an absolutely marvelous person to have met and she fully supported me throughout the process of getting a placement. Thank you again!
Naheed Khan

Teach Again programme participant, London, January 2017

The Teach Again School Experience Programme has really been a great experience for me as I was really struggling to get a placement to complete my qualification as a teaching assistant. Kay has managed the whole process very well and kept me updated with information throughout in finding me placement. I am very happy with the way Teach Again helps students to get in to experiencing the school life as a teacher/teaching assistant. Kay has been very professional and very helpful and I am looking forward to having this experience.  I would like to say thanks to Teach Again and to Kay for all the help she has put into this.
Salmah Khan

School Experience programme participant, Birmingham, November 2016

I love this programme! Two of my ex colleagues want to return to teaching too so I have passed on the programme information to them. We are many in this situation and this is our saving grace: Teach Again!
Guitto Zagbayou

Teach Again programme participant, London, November 2016

I am so happy that I am attending the ” Teach Again ” programme and would like say thank you for everything.
I am a bit nervous – but also very excited!
Marzanna Wyszynska

Teach Again programme participant, London, September 2016

My goal was to be able to gain confidence in order to return to teaching as a TA. Thanks to Kay’s great choice of school and preparation I settled in very well to my placement. The program allowed me to participate in various subjects and teaching experiences and I enjoyed my time at the school and gained a lot from it. During my placement Kay provided constant emotional support and coaching and always kept in contact with me. At the end of the program I was able to find employment, which suits my teaching preferences and location. I would definitely recommend Teach Again as it is professional, reliable, and thanks to its Director has a very ‘human touch’.
Jadwiga Roskowska

Teach Again programme completer, Yorkshire, July 2016

When I decided to return to teaching I looked for a route whereby I could get up to date on current practice before I started. I found Teach Again suited my needs perfectly as I was able to gain experience and put myself in the best position when it comes to applying for posts. I think the programme is amazing and I was amazed how easy the whole process was! Within two weeks of initial contact I had a school lined up, had met with them and am now excited to start in September. Thanks to both Kay and Derek for your support in getting me to this point.  I really feel you found me an amazingly supportive school who really want me to do well!
Christianne provides an update in September 2016: “Thanks for finding me such a supportive school with such positive staff, I don’t think I could have chosen better myself!”
Christianne Butler

Teach Again Programme participant, Gloucestershire, July 2016

Head Teacher Claire Mullane with Sheree

Teach Again was a super opportunity for the school  to work with colleagues who wish to return to the profession after a period of absence. Both the school and the Teach Again applicant were in the unique position of it only being of benefit to all parties concerned. Our personal experience was amazing and, if we could, we would have offered a full time position to the applicant. As it is we are delighted to have been able to offer Sheree a part time temporary contract in the Autumn term.

Claire Mullane

Head Teacher, South Shields, July 2016

I decided to approach Teach Again because I want to return to the teaching profession. The company sourced appropriate schools within my area, and were able to help me successfully gain a school placement which is due to start in September 2016. I found the experience of dealing with Teach Again Ltd to be entirely pleasant. Due to the friendly, approachable, and above all, professional nature of the company, I would definitely recommend Teach Again Ltd to people wanting to return to the teaching profession.
Anthony Cox

Teach Again Programme participant, Stafford, June 2016

Thank you so much for facilitating and helping me secure a placement close to home! I am very pleased and appreciate all the help and support you provided all along.

Riji George-Varughese

Teach Again Programme participant, Newcastle-under-Lyme, June 2016

‘ Woohoo! Just secured my placement for 12 weeks in a North-East community school. Thank you Kay and Teach Again for all your expertise and hardwork at making the daunting prospect of getting back into teaching seamless and quick.  From when I contacted you before Christmas to start the process, I have had nothing but the most professional and informative experience. Through each and every step of the way, I’ve been guided and supported, kept well informed with updates and words of encouragement. Thank you so much, looking forward to the next step of getting back into teaching.’

June 2016: Sheree has since been offered maternity cover at her placement school during the Autumn term, as the Head of the English Department.

Sheree Matthews

Teach Again Programme participant, South Shields, February 2016

Teach Again –thank you! I’ve wanted to return to teaching for years and Teach Again has made it all possible. I’d recommend Teach Again to anyone thinking of returning to the profession, however long they’ve been out of teaching and whatever phase/subject they initially trained in. The experience gained in school is invaluable – I’m switching phase from Secondary to Primary and enjoying every minute! The support and encouragement I’ve received has provided a much needed confidence boost in anticipation of re-entering the profession. Kay’s hard work and dedication to the cause is inspirational and she has been extremely supportive every step of the way. Thank You!
Zoe Boswell

Teach Again Programme participant, Norwich, April 2016

Re A school perspective on placing a returning teacher on the Teach Again programme:

“It’s win win for us. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain!”

Head Teacher

South Shields, 2016