Helping Teachers Return to Teaching Across the UK

Overview   ♦   The Programme

“After ten years out and after only three months of refreshing, I have a job in September!” Kathryn, Wirral

Delivered 100% in schools, the Teach Again Programme provides returning teachers with the experience they need to secure employment as a teacher. The programme is tailored to the bespoke development needs of the returning teacher. Providing a recent teaching reference for the participant, it is the only return to teaching programme that wholly meets the needs of any teacher wanting to return to teaching. We can also process an Enhanced DBS check for you with the certificate issued within three weeks.

“It’s life-changing!” Anne, Dorset



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“I would definitely recommend Teach Again as it is professional, reliable, and thanks to its Director has a very ‘human touch'” Jadwiga, Yorkshire
“The Teach Again programme has given me a real boost to my confidence” Christianne, Gloucestershire

Start dates are flexible throughout the year.  Apply now!


Sample data: Vacancies Reported in Yorkshire & Humber


  • Difficulty recruiting in core subjects 86% 86%
  • Recruitment more difficult than previous years 65% 65%

Programme Details

Lochnate had been away from mainstream teaching for three years – but after only 8 weeks on programme she successfully secured a full time teaching post at a school near her home!

Any qualified teacher can return to teaching through the Teach Again programme. Perhaps you left teaching to raise a family, care for others, or change career. Maybe you trained or taught overseas and wish to teach in the UK; have not had a teaching post since becoming an NQT; want to achieve QTLS, or want to change subject or phase – e.g. primary to secondary? It may just be a case of regaining the confidence to teach again, or adding to your experience of being a supply teacher by actually getting involved in staff CPD and meetings.

You will be provided with a 12 week teaching experience in a school in your locality. A structured and bespoke programme mapped against teacher standards is agreed, which is flexible (minimum 13 hours per week), meets your individual professional development needs and will enhance the likelihood of your future employment as a teacher.  However, you may negotiate a reduced or longer duration, and you could progress in to paid employment at any point during the programme. You can additionally select the number of days you wish to participate per week, even down to which days of the week those are!

“I attend my placement school every Monday and Wednesday. I observe teaching and learning strategies, prepare and plan lessons, mark, and take part in school events.” Marzanna, London

At the end of the training you will be able to evidence learner outcomes from having taught a number of sessions, corroborated by a reference from the Head Teacher. Join one of our many successful participants in entering employment immediately after programme completion!

“During my placement Kay provided constant emotional support and coaching and always kept in contact with me.” Jadwiga, Yorkshire

Start dates are flexible throughout the year.  Apply now!

If you are not a qualified teacher you can still experience what is like to work in a school by undertaking the School Experience Programme.



Programme costs are £595 if paid in full. Installment options are also available. Details of fees and payment options are provided with terms and conditions. Payment is due in full prior to programme commencement. 

If you can provide evidence you are on Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) or universal credit, the fee is a discounted £495. Installment options are also available. Your local job centre, or the Education Support Partnership, may also be able to support you; please contact them directly.

Contact admin1@teachagain.co.uk to discuss your preferred payment options.


To apply for the Teach Again programme, please download the Teach Again Programme Application Form 2019 and complete it electronically (handwritten forms are not accepted). Then email to: admin1@teachagain.co.uk.   


Please note that you should enroll* at least 12 weeks before your required start date (not including school holidays) to enable all pre-placement administration to be undertaken. Additionally, enrollments within the last 3 weeks of the Spring term are processed for September starts, and during the summer term (May/June/July) are processed for starts from October unless otherwise advised and agreed. In busy periods please allow up to 16 weeks before placement meetings. Please see below.

Enrol in Anticipated start: Term
March/April (dependent on Easter timings) September Autumn
May/June/July/August Late October / November Autumn
September November / December Autumn
October January Spring
November February Spring
December/January/February After Easter holidays Summer
Start dates may be available earlier – please discuss your requirements with us.

Want to find out more with no obligation?  Mail: admin1@teachagain.co.uk

* make a payment



“It’s win win for us. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain!” Head Teacher, South Shields

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Undecided? Well, you don’t even have to worry that you can’t provide a recent reference from an education provider. All we need is two references that confirm your professionalism and character. We will meet you too, and, subject to all pre-employment checks, we will guarantee your suitability to your placement school.

Also, did you know that without recent substantial teaching experience:

  • Schools, academies and colleges would potentially rank NQTs higher than returning teachers, when shortlisting for vacancies?
  • Supply agencies will not register you for supply work?

Have you looked at other return to teaching courses but are concerned that there is minimal time spent in school and the training is not school based? Have you tried volunteering only to find that your placement does not meet your CPD needs?

Read some comments from previous and current programme participants on our testimonials page to see how easy it is to return to teaching with Teach Again.
Information for schools

“Our TA programme participant has settled in to the school extremely well and it has been pleasing to see her confidence grow as the term has progressed. She has been based mainly in Year 3, teaching some maths, history and English lessons over the past few weeks. She has also been working in Year 2 teaching one afternoon a week and with Year 5 one morning a week. She has been very proactive and flexible, and has been a pleasure to have working alongside me! She has also attended staff meetings, twilights and inset days, really immersing herself back into school routines! Next term she is working in Year 6 the majority of the week, but teaching in Years 1/2 once a week as well” Lisa, Year 3 Class Teacher/ Phase 3/4 Leader, Derbyshire

By being a Teach Again primary, secondary or tertiary school, academy or college, you will be helping to increase the pool of available, qualified, experienced and competent teachers in your region and help to reduce the national shortage of teachers. Teach Again is currently the only school based returning teacher programme for secondary, primary and tertiary teaching staff and the benefits to schools include:

  • No additional paperwork or criteria to meet other than a commitment to deliver a professional development programme
  • All pre-employment checks and recruitment to the programme conducted by Teach Again Ltd
  • Flexible programme agreed in partnership and meeting the needs of all stakeholders
  • On programme support to the school and the participant by Teach Again Ltd
  • The potential recruitment of the programme participant at the end of programme – no fees payable to Teach Again Ltd and extensive savings to be had when compared with advertising posts and recruiting from supply agencies and outside of the UK e.g Canada, Ireland
  • Free recruitment of other Teach Again programme completers

Additionally, to help fill vacancies across all schools, returning teachers can be referred to schools who are either not Teach Again schools or where the teacher has not undertaken the Teach Again programme. In these circumstances a fee may be charged to schools when the teacher has been recruited. If you would like to utilise this referral option, call 07904 085182 or email kayshaw@teachagain.co.uk

Bernie Cassidy, Head Teacher at The Mount Primary School, has this to say about the schools participation in the programme:

“It’s gone very well and we are really pleased. There’s been a significant amount of commitment from XX and the feedback from the team has been very positive.  I think it’s the fact that you are getting someone who has really thought it through, and the recruitment process assured us that we were getting someone of the right caliber with the right qualities and potential. It’s a longer period than some traditional teacher training routes but it still fits the way we operate and is an additional recruitment route for our school and our alliance. XX has added capacity to our team at no explicit additional cost and it’s made it easy to recruit as with this you get to know the participant’s potential compared to an applicant coming cold to interview where there is always a risk you can make the wrong appointment. This way you get a good overview of their capabilities and commitment. The paperwork is minimal and it’s such a light process but we can still evidence all progress as it’s what we do anyway with all our staff. We’ve been delighted with XX’s progress and are really pleased we have been able to offer her a 0.6 teaching post from September. We’ve enjoyed being part of the programme and will happily entertain the prospect of another candidate. It works well and fits with our ethos and our commitment to ongoing professional development. It’s an entirely viable means of teacher recruitment.”

Call 07904 085182 or email kayshaw@teachagain.co.uk for more information on becoming a Teach Again school, academy, or college.

Local Authorities and Teach Again

Many Local Authorities administer government backed, school based teacher training programmes in partnership with their local teaching schools. The Teach Again programme is an ideal addition to the programmes offered by these partnerships and allows programme participants to access the already established training that is provided on SCITT and NQT programmes.

For information on how a Local Authority can support the introduction of the Teach Again programme to their partners, contact kayshaw@teachagain.co.uk or telephone 07904 085182





Additional Services

Job application support:

We are happy to provide advice and practical support to educators wishing to effectively demonstrate their skills set to potential employers in the field of education. We offer a free review of your existing application documentation. You are then able to select from a number of tailored packages which will highlight your achievements and improve your chances of being invited to interview.

Green pen package £39.99  We will provide you with an annotated copy of your documents marking where we believe amendments could be made, with suggestions for improvement. This package includes up to three documents and could include your CV, an Application Form and your Cover Letter.

Purple Pen package £79.99  We will amend and shape both the content and layout of your application documentation in a professional format that will clearly highlight your attributes, experience and achievements – tempting all potential employers to give you some serious consideration! This package is for two documents – either a CV and cover letter, or an application form and cover letter.

Tailored Package  Do you have specific requirements and would like to dip across our Green pen and Purple pen packages for your CV, application form and cover letter? Make your selection from the options below!

Green pen package Application documentation: £19.99 per document

Purple pen package Application documentation: £45.99 per document

For more information, contact kayshaw@teachagain.co.uk  or telephone 07904 085182

Employment opportunities:

Teach Again Ltd recruits education professionals and previous programme participants as Programme Coordinators. If you are interested in one of these positions and would like to find out more, contact kayshaw@teachagain.co.uk or telephone 07904 085182