Would you like to work in a school?* Do you aspire to be a teacher, a teaching assistant, a technician or a member of the pastoral support team – but don’t know how to gain the experience you need?

If you would like to work in a school, then gaining hands-on experience can help strengthen your training or job application. Schools and universities can already select from applicants who have experienced anything from a day to a week observing in a school. Wouldn’t it be good to be able to provide evidence of two weeks or more experience thereby increasing your chances of gaining one of these training places, or jobs?

Whether you want to be a teacher, a technician, or a member of the pastoral support team, Teach Again Ltd can place you on a work experience programme in an early years, primary, secondary or tertiary setting for as long as you like, in one of its many registered and quality assured Teach Again schools located across the country. And, because we know it’s not easy for you to arrange a work experience placement in a school, Teach Again Ltd will arrange all this for you.

Whilst on placement, you will follow a programme bespoke to your needs and have the opportunity to shadow and talk to staff; observe teaching, support and pastoral work; learn about behaviour management and chat to young people about their experiences.

You select the number of days you want to do, when you want to do them, and in what phase or departmental area. We will then support you to gain the best experience possible to facilitate your progression in to your chosen career and support you whilst on programme.

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  • This programme is not applicable to individuals who are already qualified teachers, including qualifications received abroad and with or without QTS. Teachers looking to re-enter the profession will not be considered for the School Experience Programme and should apply for the Teach Again Programme.
Teach Again Schools are committed to supporting staff development. They are professional, dedicated, and have signed agreement to support individuals who are looking to work in education. However, their expectations are that individuals placed on programme are, in addition to their own staff, responsible for the safety and well being of its learners and need to be professional, presentable, punctual, and able to communicate with colleagues and learners.
If you want to work in a school, Teach Again Ltd will arrange a school experience programme placement for you in one of our registered and quality assured Teach Again schools, providing you fulfill pre-placement check criteria, evidenced through DBS certification and references. Please note that already qualified teachers will not be considered for this programme and:
• You must have an enhanced DBS certificate which is on the DBS update service (Teach Again Ltd can process a check for you if you are not DBS checked)
• You must be at least 18 years old


Teach Again School Experience Programme costs are £220, regardless of the duration of the work experience programme. Payment is due in full prior to programme commencement.
DBS checks undertaken by Teach Again Ltd are £61.50.

To apply for the Teach Again School Experience Programme, please complete the TASEP Application Form  and email to:
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Do you want to be a teacher?

Individuals applying to teacher training are expected to have a good understanding of and be able to demonstrate knowledge of good teaching and learning, their chosen subject and the curriculum for their subject, and how to ensure every child learns regardless of differing ability or background.

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