"I will help you channel your full potential!"

Kay Shaw

Managing Director


Hi! I’m Kay. It’s really good to meet you! It took my taking a risk to make my dream a reality; now let me help you make your dream come true too!

Read on to hear my success story……

Where to start?
I began my teaching career in 1994, and  swiftly moved up the ranks to culminate as a Head of School in 2004 and then a School Improvement Advisor in 2009.
During this time, I married, had two children, and managed and fronted a Blondie tribute band! All of these moves required confidence, organisation, resilience and patience which are definitely my strengths – and you could say I managed them all successfully.
But I hit an unfamiliar wall in 2015. My job no longer existed and I was faced with a time of great uncertainty. Did I accept a job that was desk based, just managing other people, or did I volunteer for redundancy and take my chances with my future?
This wasn’t an easy decision. I knew I would be unhappy in the new job I had been offered, but taking redundancy was a huge risk not just for myself but for my entire family. If I didn’t make a success of securing alternative enjoyable employment, apart from the financial implications, I’d be indefinitely unhappy.
I couldn’t secure a teaching job. I was told I lacked recent teaching experience and a current head teacher reference. Supply agencies wouldn’t even enrol me.
So what to do?
In this time of uncertainty, humiliation and frustration, there were many fears and tears. But I was then reminded by a very close friend that I was strong, brave, exceptional and inspiring, and because of my background I could do something with that.

Light bulb moment!

I could take the redundancy and set up a company that helped teachers return to teaching. And I could do the programme myself!
I had no idea how busy I would be. Applicants could live anywhere, and have a whole variety of individual requirements. But what I did know was that if there was a market out there now, there would always be a market.
And I have been happily proved right!

You need to remember you are amazing. You can do anything you want to do. Let's harness your potential together to enable a life for you that's packed with meaning, and is spiritually, emotionally and financially rewarding.

And, as I've been where you are ...

I’m addressing you from a raw, true and honest place. Which makes mine and the service of all our closely vetted staff personal, individual, thoughtful, helpful and kind.

My Mission

My mission is therefore to help you realise your true potential and successfully return to teaching !

You could say I’m a chronically tenacious, even with the crappy things!


A lot has gone down over the last few years. But I’m still standing.

This is why I’m driven to support you, motivate you, and bring joy and confidence into your journey. You can do it, so let’s go!

Kay xx