June 24th 2016 may be a day that will be remembered by the whole country for one reason only. However, for Riji and Anthony, it’s also the day they both secured a placement at a school for a September start.and the day they began treading the path that will lead them back in to the teaching profession. Both placed in schools in Staffordshire, they will be accessing a full day induction, staff training days and curriculum planning days in advance of the learners returning to school – great preparation for beginning their work with the young people they will be teaching. Both schools are committed to helping them return to teaching and believe, like I do, that if you are qualified to teach, and want to teach, you should be able to!

We also have success stories for programme completers entering employment. For example, after completing her 12 week programme, Kathryn secured a teaching post at her placement primary school on the Wirral to start in September; Sheree secured a maternity cover post at her placement school as Head of English, and Jadwiga has secured a post at a local school thanks to her recent experience supporting learners on the Teach Again programme! Take a look at the testimonials to find out more.

Other great news for all potential applicants is that no matter how long you have been out of the profession – including if you qualified and never entered teaching, Teach Again Ltd can secure you a placement. Natalie, who qualified over 20 years ago and never went in to teaching, has secured a 12 week placement in a Norfolk primary school. The school is very supportive and has agreed to work with Natalie to ensure that she can experience what it is like in a school in 2016, observe and build up relationships with staff and work alongside some extremely experienced teaching assistants and teachers.

Whilst it is nearing the end of the 2015/2016 academic year, Teach Again Ltd continues to secure programme placements for applicants from across the UK. Since November 2015, applicants have been placed in schools in Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Sussex, inner and outer London, Hertfordshire, Staffordshire, Norfolk, Nottinghamshire, Merseyside, Yorkshire, Humberside, Rochdale, Tyneside and County Durham. Schools in other regions are signing up regularly in response to the needs of applicants in their locality.

It’s always a good time to apply – and we are always happy to help!

So I’ll be back in July to enter an end of year report.