It’s been a while since my last blog but there is plenty of news. I have officially returned to teaching in addition to running the Company and another programme participant has secured employment at their placement school!

Firstly, after only 2 weeks on programme, my placement school offered me a four day a week contract teaching English and Business Studies from after Easter to mid-June. So in between supporting applicants and participants on the Teach Again programme, I’ve been teaching too! I have officially returned to teaching following my own placement through Teach Again.

And now, huge congratulations!

To Kathryn, who started her placement in March and has secured a permanent post with her placement school from September. The school is delighted with her development and I always knew she could do it – I have faith in every applicant that I place on programme.

Why are Teach Again programme participants so successful in gaining teaching employment?

What sells applicants to schools is the fact that every teacher that comes through Teach Again to secure a placement is shown to be committed, motivated and determined to re-enter the teaching profession. This is a huge contributing factor to not only being placed on programme but also to securing employment thereafter. Yes, Teach Again services require payment up front – but the advantage to applicants is that it proves to the school that the applicant is dedicated to teaching again so schools are quick to not only agree to placing them, but also to offering them teaching contracts. So the up-front fee is recouped quickly after a week’s work – which would not have been earned had the applicant not spent up to 12 weeks refreshing and up-skilling on the Teach Again programme, and proving their worth!

With the summer holidays fast approaching, applications are being processed now and up to mid June for September programme starts. And with four more programme participants completing their placements at the end of the school year, I am sure there will be more good news. So I will revisit this blog in June with some more stats!

Thanks for following!