It’s already clear that through doing the Teach Again programme, applicants have a very good chance of being employed by their placement school. Given schools are looking to save on spending and can employ internally, it’s a fantastic initiative benefiting both the school and the returning teacher. Schools also save time and money on not needing to undertake pre-employment checks as these are all done by Teach Again Ltd. In addition, Teach Again schools who are in a cluster, an academy chain or a teaching school alliance such as Red Kite, or the Wallasey Schools Cluster, are pro-active in sharing their involvement in Teach Again with their partner schools with an end to helping them to also employ the returning teacher. This is increasing the number of prospective job opportunities for the applicant, who can internally and quickly progress into employment in one of many schools.

And it doesn’t end there. Once applicants have been ID checked and placed on programme, Teach Again Ltd is able to offer them work as an identity checker for the programme. Payment covers transport and conducting the ID/DBS check, and is a welcome occasional addition to income!

100% of Teach Again applicants are happy with the service and support they have received from Teach Again Ltd; acknowledging how effectively and efficiently their needs have been met, and how professionally a school has been secured to support their return to teaching and deliver a programme that meets their professional development needs. Some have even happily agreed to be contacted by prospective applicants who would like to find out more about the process and programme before they sign up themselves.

So, if you want to invest in your career and increase your income, but have any doubts at all, don’t just ask me – speak to one of our satisfied customers. You won’t be disappointed!